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Just like doctors and attorneys that specialize in certain areas of expertise, Psychics do too. Generally, Love Psychics have more training and experience with love situations. Love Psychics will be able to guide you much more effectively in how to approach certain types of lovers. The only difference between a Love Psychic and a regular Psychic is that we also offer coaching services. We have the “secret codes” for helping you to get your relationship to the next level quickly!

Can Love Psychics help you bring back a lost love?

Yes. Love Psychics are able to quickly identify if the person that you are with or wish to be with is in fact the right person for you. If they are they can empower you with techniques to either bring back a lost love or heal a strained relationship.

Can a Love Psychic help you manifest your Soul Mate or heal broken relationship quicker?

Yes. Love Psychics are like doctors of the heart where a Medical Intuitive can see health problems and pinpoint the cause of illness; a Love Psychic can see deeply into your emotional nature and can feel blocks that you may have from this lifetime and others. With this awareness, Love Psychics can recommend metaphysical techniques you can do that will free you of inner blocks and help you to either move to the next level quickly with your current partner or manifest a new love in your life.

Can Love Psychics help you break past back and forth cycle in your current relationship?

Yes. They specialize in helping relationships get past the back and forth level and reach stable ground where both parties feel secure. Both through their knowledge and intuitive abilities they can empower you with the knowledge in how to handle the personality you are dealing with more effectively.

Is a coming to a Love Psychic going to be a “quick fix” to all your love problems?

Unfortunately there are some unscrupulous psychics in this field that have populated many false ideas in the community about “immediately results, results in hours, or even results in minutes! If you plant a pepper plant do you get peppers overnight? No. Love Psychics can help you fix and bring your relationship into a happy place many times quicker but it is not a quick fix.

It also takes effort on the clients part to follow the professional advice they are receiving. Knowledge is not power. “Applied knowledge” is power.

D.J. Ownbey is a fourth-generation Master Love Psychic. As the great-grandson of European Psychic, Lucia Frabotta, Mr. Ownbey has a heritage steeped in the knowledge of metaphysical science. His ability as a transformational Love Psychic has helped people understand what they face in the present and what lies ahead in the future. If you you are looking for a “professional psychic” that can help you look no further…

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  • Narvis says:

    DJ helped me five years ago,I was a basket case but he calmed me down and I was able to see results relatively quickly. However, due to life circumstances the relationship ended after 12 years. It took me two hours to locate him (DJ), but I knew from the last time that he would help me again!
    I have found someone who I am truly intereseted in and hope to staywith him until we leave this earth. I have NEVER said this about any other of man in my life. This gentleman is sweet, funny and handsome. However according to DJ he became afraid because of how fast and intense the relationship had become. I have followed DJ’s advice in the past and it worked and now I am hoping that this will be the last time I have to use him. I sought him out this second time because of the great job he did the first time…yes the 1st relationship ended but under DJ’s guidance it was good for a very long time.
    I would reccommend him to anyone who will listen.. I would shout it off of a rooftop listen to DJ!! I love him to life..

  • Michelle Schreiner says:

    I would like to schedule a telephone reading

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